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Rubber Band Macro Lens

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iPhone accessories are great and all, unless of course you’ve got an Android or Blackberry.  You know what we’re talking about.  You hit our pages daily (wishful thinking), discover a great new case or lens for your smartphone, and then quickly that elatement turns into a sour taste in your mouth...

Badass Rubber Band Gun

$500 Rubber Band Gun (video)


$499 is a completely ridiculous amount of money to spend on a rubber band gun, but if you’ve got the extra cash and willing to splurge on a useless piece of kit, then have at it. This toy, if you can call it that, holds up to 100 rubber bands...


A Real Deal Rubber Band Machine Gun (video)


Rubber band guns have be in existence for sometime, but before now none have possessed the power to fire off 200 rubber bands in rapid succession.  The Rubber Band machine guns in an ingenious little device that uses a rope and drill, and with the pull of a trigger can...