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Emobile Pocket WiFi Router

EMobile’s Pocket WiFi Router Is Japan’s MiFi


It’s a shame, because Emobile’s Pocket WiFi 3G Router (i.e. MiFi) sure is pretty, but won’t be coming to the States or Europe any time soon.  But for those of you residing in Japan you can grab one for 5,980 yen if you sign a 2-year contract and you’ll be...


The World’s Smallest WiFi N Router: Trendnet TEW-654TR


Road warriors listen up: this is the world’s smallest WiFi N compatible router, the Trendnet TEW-654TR.  It measures 2.5″ wide by 3.25″ long by 0.75″ and includes a carrying case with slim Ethernet cord and USB plug for powering it via your computer (AC plug also included).  You can grab...


Fonera 2.0 WiFi Router Now Available In The US, $99


Remember Fonera’s second iteration of their WiFi router?  Well, it’s now available for purchase in the US for $99. Not only does this wireless box offer the latest in 802.11 connectivity, but it enables you to shut down your computer while in the middle of a download or upload and...


Logitech’s LAN-W300N/R Wireless Router Measures 23mm Thin


What’s slim, trim, wireless and black all over?  Logitech’s newest router, that’s what.  The LAN-W300N/R provides 802.11n speeds and measures just 23mm wide at its thickest point.  Inside are to internal antennas, 4 Ethernet ports and a set of front facing LED lights.  It’s hitting Japan this August for about...


Sprint Kicks Out Two New 3G & 4G WiFi Hotspot Routers, Sprint Personal Hotspot PHS300S and the Cradlepoint MBR-1000 Broadband Router


Sprint might be taking their sweet time rolling out their WiMax service, but that doesn’t mean they’ve got apprehensions about launching gear associated with the high speed wireless service. Announced today, the Sprint Personal Hotspot PHS300S and the Cradlepoint MBR-1000 Broadband Router both accept 3G and 4G USB dongles and...