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Fire TV vs. Roku 3: Which One to Buy, Why (comparison)


So far we’ve compared Fire TV to Apple TV, and Fire TV to Chromecast. In both occasions the new streaming media player from Amazon has won. But the Roku brand has become synonymous with internet-based TV since the first generation model released in 2008, and offers a wide selection of...


GR Deals: Get $50 Worth of iTunes for Only $40


iTunes / iOS / OS X user? You probably use the iTunes Store from time to time. Why not get 20% off iTunes downloads? Today you can with a $50 iTunes gift card that only costs you $40. The latest and greatest Roku 3 is currently tied with the lowest...


Apple TV vs. Roku 3 (comparison)


Having a difficult time deciding which set top-box is for you? We’ve analyzed Apple TV and the Roku 3 side by side to bring you the most comprehensive comparison available. Here’s a breakdown of two of the most popular alternatives to conventional cable boxes and why one of them might...