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Sway Rocking Chair

Sway Two Person Rocking Chair

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Rocking chairs have long been a solo affair.  If you wanted to partake with a fellow sitter you had to resort to a hammock, which is hardly practical on a cold winter’s day. But, not any more. The Sway chair is a double-wide rocking chair by Markus Krauss.  The frame is crafted...

OLED Rocking Chair-1

OLED Lamp Powered By The Movement Of A Rocking Chair


Although it might be a bit far from reality the Murakami Chair is one slick design that has my head nodding with agreement.  The attached OLED lamp, which requires less energy than a standard light bulb to operate, draws energy from an on board battery pack that is powered by...


Kinetically Powered Rocking Chair


Sure, pedaling would generate far more power, but this kinetically powered rocking chair is so much more cooler and nonchalant.  Built into the base is a generator that captures the chair’s energy and converts it to power a small LED reading light.  Toss it on your deck, attach a windmill...