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The Airdog Drone Follows You No Matter Where You Go


Everybody wants a drone these days, especially if they’re a videographer, and there’s good reason for that. Drones are an extremely flexibly photography platform, and especially for extreme sports allow you to get the kind of “helicopter” shots that were once the sole province of pros with… well… helicopters. But...


Deebot D77 Combines A Vacuum Robot And A Canister Vac


Ever since a cat decided to sit on one as it went about its business, humanity has fallen in love with robotic vacuum cleaners. They are, however, somewhat limited in that they’re designed to clean floors and that’s pretty much it. So Ecovacs has decided to combine the two, so...

Timo Boll vs. KUKA Robot

Pro Beats Robot At Table Tennis (video)


Robot vs Human… Usually our money is on the robot winning, but that wasn’t the case when pro table tennis player Timo Boll went head-to-head with the KUKA KR AGILUS robot. The match was put on by KUKA Robot Group to show off to the masses what its flagship robot could...

cheetah robot

Google Buying Robotic Firms (video)


Google seems to want to have their hand in everything these days! They’ve recently ventured into the military robotics realm, buying eight of them in the last six months. They confirmed last Friday that their latest acquisition is Boston Dynamics, an engineering firm that has build and developed battlefield robots...