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Star Wars Fan Makes His Own BB-8


There’s a new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, coming out on Dec. 8. You might have heard of it. Among the many exciting moments we’ve seen in the two teaser trailers that have been released thus far, perhaps the most exciting are the ones featuring this little droid: Meet...


Soloshot 2 Is The Even Better Robotic Cameraman


We all wish we had our own cameraman sometimes. Whether we’re doing an insane stunt, or just want to be sure we’re in the shot, it’s hard to frame a static shot perfectly to capture the action. Hence, the invention of the Soloshot, which was successful enough that the robot...

cheetah robot

Google Buying Robotic Firms (video)


Google seems to want to have their hand in everything these days! They’ve recently ventured into the military robotics realm, buying eight of them in the last six months. They confirmed last Friday that their latest acquisition is Boston Dynamics, an engineering firm that has build and developed battlefield robots...

Lego Gigapan

Lego Tilt-Pan rig rivals Gigapan (video/DIY)


When President Barack Obama was inaugurated as this nation’s 44th President, he not only made history as the country’s first African American president, but history was also recorded using a special gadget called the Gigapan. The Gigapan is a computer controlled rig that can allow photographers to remotely shoot high...


MIT Student Creates Robotic Helper From A Lamp (video)


A crafty MIT student has, well, crafted a robot out of a desk lamp. Natan Linder’s LuminAR robotic lamp can display images and text via an embedded Pico Projector, helping with your homework. It also recognizes hand movements via a webcam, moving left when a hand swipes left, or playing...


DARPA’s LittleDog Robot Will Haunt Your Dreams (video)


Don’t watch this video before you go to bed — LittleDog is a DARPA project centered on building a robot that can traverse rough terrain, bringing supplies to soldiers and doing other dangerous things. DARPA’s created a video to show off the LittleDog’s latest updates, including spanning chasms the length...

robot bee

Harvard Developing Robot Bee Colony


Remember when I was freaking out over the concept of cyborg combat wasps? Well, I’ve got something even more frightening here–apparently, the crew out at Harvard are neck deep in developing an entire colony of robot bees. No biological material involved here, folks, just an entirely artificial, entirely mechanical robot...