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Ring Makes Your iPhone Into Your Doorbell

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The humble doorbell doesn’t usually register for a lot of homeowners. It’s like a couch; you find one, you put it in your house, and then it starts doing its job. You don’t notice it until it breaks, really. Ring, however, wants to change that by tying your doorbell to...

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IK Multimedia iRing Review


ouch screens have spoiled most of us when it comes to interacting with our devices — after all, isn’t touching an icon simpler and quicker than having to tap it with a stylus? But lost in all this is the desire that preceded all this — what I call “Abracadabra”,...

The Man Ring

The Man Ring


Men don’t really wear rings, unless they’re married…but they’ll want to wear the man ring! Made from aerospace grade titanium,the ring has a hidden assortment of useful tools and is like a miniature Swiss Army knife. Tools included are: a working bottle opener, a straight blade perfect for cutting packing tape or...


Button Spy Camera With Wedding Ring Activator


Spy cameras are cool and all, but when push comes to shove they’re not all that practical.  Why?  How do you start and stop recordings without alerting those being spied on.  Simple, you grab the Button Spy Camera with Ring Controller.  Just wave the ring near the pin hole and...


Cat Ring Remote Controls Car Door, Sure To Intrigue Alf


Just when I was starting to get comfortable with the idea of everything embodying touchscreen, Denso Corporation comes out with this odd ball product that allows you to control devices by placing two fingers together.  I joke you not.  Called the ‘Yubi-nya’ (that’s ‘ring’ and ‘meow’ in Japanese), it basically...