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GasCase: Just In Case You Need Gas


Ahh the products in which we live with.  Here we have the GasCase.  Pretty much a luggage container that’s shaped like a JerryCan gas container on wheels, the GasCase is sure to make you a person of interest at the Airport.  Made from steel and mounted on heavy duty trolley...

Nes Gamepad USB

NES Retro Classic Controller For $8

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The net is chalk full of NES emulators for the computer but more often than not one thing is lacking: the old school square controller.  Right now Amazon has the NES Retro Classic Controller with a USB connection for $8 – tack on another $5 or $6 for shipping.  Now...

final fantasy iphone

Final Fantasy 1 and 2 On iPhone Soon


For those of you who count yourselves as classic gamers, or just plain enthusiasts of same, you will be unquestionably happy to hear that Final Fantasy–yes, the original!–will be coming to the iPhone. And on the off chance that that’s not enough for you, then surely you’ll be made to...


ION Tape Express Converts Old Cassettes Into MP3’s


A great number of people are sitting on a small mountain of cassette tapes from back in the hey day.  From mix tapes to singles recorded off the radio, the Tape Express is a compact solution to help bring that old medium into the MP3 era. Using the included EZ...


Hard Rock Cafe Retro Radio iPod Dock


What would probably look cooler in an actual booth at a Hard Rock Cafe than at your place, this cheapo “Limited Edition” iPod dock could make a decent gift idea for that certain nostalgia freak in your family. At only $15, I can’t imagine the sound quality to be anything...


Old Keyboard Keys Turned Into A USB Card Reader


Talk about a great idea.  Using what looks like “old” keyboard keys fashioned into a USB card reader, this is a totally useful device for those who want to forget their digital camera cord.  As long as you don’t lose it that is. Capable of accepting: DHC, SD, micro SDHC,...


Retro 80s Boombox Mini Speaker For The iPod & iPhone


It might cost $32, but anything retro with an ode to the 80s and you’ve pretty much got me sold (minus those obnoxiously cheesy sunglasses I keep seeing).  The Retro Cassette Stereo Mini Speaker for iPod / iPhone isn’t exactly a feature heavy device, but it does offer stereo sound...


Retro Mini NES Puts The 80s In Your Hands


When the game cartridge outsizes the console, well, then you know were not exactly dealing with a practical purchase.  The Retro Mini plays all your old 8-bit NES games, just insert the now over sized cartridge in the slot, toss in 4 AA batteries and you’ll be whisked back to...