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LG Has A Retro TV For Your Retro Lifestyle


Remember the old days, when you had to get up to change the channel? Of course not. No one does. They all died from electrocution when they kicked in their TV sets, frustrated over having to constantly change the channel to find something good. But apparently enough people like the...

X-Arcade Dual Joystick 1

X-Arcade USB Dual Joystick Review


Whether you grew up in the all-night pizza parlor video arcades of the 1980s or are just looking for an authentic complement to the classic video games on your computer or consoles, the X-Arcade Dual Joystick delivers on the classic American style arcade experience. Resembling the front of most arcade...

Retro iPad Dock TV

Retro CRT iPad Dock Resembles an 80s TV


It’s odd.  We tend to through the old out to make way for the new.  But then the new gets old and we find ourselves wandering back to where we started.  While this can often be said in terms of relationship, the same can be stated for clothing and sometimes,...


Sleep In 8-Bit Style With This Pixelated Bed


Live in 8-Bit style with this cool design for a pixelated bed. Designed by Spanish Cristian Zuzunaga for Swedish mattress company Hastens as part of a Wallpaper Magazine showcase, this bed has a colorful “rainbow pixel” style. Despite it’s retro appearance, though, it contains fine materials like horsehair, linen, wool, cotton, and solid...


Sony Gets All Clark Griswald With Its New Retro CFD-A110


Like those wood paneled Plymouth Cruisers vying for that slice of nostalgia within the minds of the many, Sony of Japan is happy to announce their retro CFD-A110.  What would undoubtedly make a great bathroom stereo, the CFD-A110 also let’s you jam some karaoke and even listen to the audio...


Stauer 1930 Dashtronic Watch


What a cool looking watch!  With a design aesthetic straight out the 1930’s, the Stauer Dashtronic Watch will help you steal all of Howard Hughes’ ladies in a snap.  Housed in stainless steel with a black alligator-embossed leather band, this watch has grandpa written all over it.  Available in gold...

Retro iPhone

A Truly Retro iPhone


Retro handsets for cell phones have been kicking around on the shelves of Urban Outfitters for many years now.  But this is the first one we’ve seen specifically for the iPhone complete with dock and 30-pin plug.  And yes, the handset does work. ...