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Resident Evil 5 In 3D: On PC This July

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When Resident Evil 5 arrives on PC this July, it will support NVIDIA‘s GeForce 3D Vision Technology and literally make epileptic’s heads explode.  Will this be cool?  Or just another gimmick beheaded for the trashcan?  That could be a very expensive trashcan given NVIDIA’s $200 entrance fee.  While the technology...


Resident Evil 5 USB Chainsaw Flash Drive


I guess it wasn’t good enough for Resident Evil 5 to have their own limited edition Xbox 360, they’ve now gone and launched a foreign bundle that includes a mini USB chainsaw flash drive that can store up to 2GB of bloody carnage…or your home work, which ever you prefer....

RE5 Demo

Resident Evil 5 Demo Impressions

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With very few quality releases looming on this winter's horizon, it's no shock that gamers are excited for Resident Evil 5. Releasing on March 13th, Resident Evil 5 will sure to please fans on the long running series, while throwing some new surprises their way. ...