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Southern California Getting Electric Bus Public Transportation


Southern California’s San Gabriel/Pomona area is about to get a whole lot greener, as the Foothill bus company is upgrading their fleet of 12 with three all-electric buses built by the company Proterra, to the tune of a cool 5.6 million dollars. Impressively, they can fully charge in under 10 minutes,...


Enphase Energy’s Environ Smart Thermostat Monitors Your Solar Energy


Enphase Energy’s Environ Smart Thermostat may be the future of home energy monitoring. Owners can use a web-based application on their computers or smartphones to control thermostat controls, and importantly, solar panel energy production. It works through Enphase Energy’s Internet-connected microinverters, which work in conjunction with a a solar panel to convert...


Lexon Safe Bamboo And Bio-plastic Gear

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Lexon’s line of aesthetically pleasing bamboo and bio-plastic gadgets is easy on the environment and cool on the eyes.  These solar powered and renewable energy mini-appliances will look positively earth awesome in your place.  No word on pricing or availability.  The LED solar flashlight is pictured above....


Portugal’s Wave Farm Goes Live


Green energy is all well and good, it’s just finding enough of it to make it viable.  The Pelamis Wave Power project is the real deal and has the potential to power hundreds of thousands of homes.  The snake like tubes float in the ocean, fastened to the sea floor...