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Logitech’s Announces 2 New Wireless Presenters


Logitech announced two new wireless presenters today, the R800 and R400. I know, I know, wireless presenters aren’t exactly drool worthy kit but Logitech’s version brings something slightly different to the game. Both models include a built-in laser pointer (red for the R400, green for the R800) and battery indicator,...


Gadget Leak: Sonos Touchscreen CR200 Remote Control


Sonos accidentally posted the product page for the newest remote yesterday, the CR200, ahead of schedule.  The product page has now been taken down but that didn’t stop Engadget from screen capturing all the leaked info. It looks to be a scratch resistant 3.5-inch touchscreen (capacitive like the iPhone) encased...


Creston’s TPMC-3X Remote Sure Looks Purty But Expensive

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There are remotes and then there are Creston remotes.  Set for release in July, the TPMC-3X goes above and beyond the requirements of any home theater remote and includes Texas Instrument’s  OMAP 2 OMAP2430 processor under its hood, which is often found in many of today’s mobile phones.  There is...


Logitech Refreshes The Harmony 1000, Calls It The 1100


Logitech updated their Harmony 1000 remote today. The new version, the 1100, takes on a black anodize exterior and allows the user to customize the 3.5-inch touchscreen contents (add or remove buttons). As with the 1000, the 1100 includes a charging station, RF capabilities and can be setup and programmed...