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PowerA Universal Remote Case - 1

PowerA iPhone Universal Remote Case Review

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PowerA has been kicking it on the iPhone block for a while, but a few weeks ago they launched their Universal Remote (Control) Case for the iPhone.  It’s not the first of it’s type to accomplish this feat, but one of the few that works almost right out of the...


Lenovo Multimedia Remote With Keyboard Is Just $60


I just bought me a Mac Mini and along with it a Logitech DiNovo keyboard with built-in trackpad – I’m doing the whole home theater PC thing.  But now, after seeing Lenovo’s latest product, I’m beginning to regret my purchase, of the keyboard that is. The Lenovo Multimedia Remote with...


Wind Up Unverisal Remote Control


It may not have the same technological prowess as NEC’s batteryless remote, but it accomplishes the same feat and probably at a fraction of the cost. The Wind Up Universal Remote Control can take up to 30 spins of its ‘Jog Shuttle’ power wheel, which will power it up to...

GlideTV Review


When GlideTV arrived on the scene last month it garnered all sorts of press thanks to its cool design and what appeared to be ease of use factor.  If you haven’t heard, it’s a remote/mouse targeted at the home theater PC crowd, you know, the folks that prefer to watch...

Glide TV - 02

GlideTV Unboxing And Quick Hands On (video)


I just got my mitts on the GlideTV remote, which is designed specifically for use with a home theater PC.  While I have yet to actually fire it up and use the remote, I very impressed with the packaging and overall presentation. Form factor wise it fits relatively well in...

Harmony 700

Logitech’s Harmony 700 Remote Now Available For Purchase


Logitech’s latest Harmony remote, the 700, is now available for your divine purchasing behavior.  Amazon has it for $140 out the door, which ain’t too shabby considering it’s got a half way decent color screen and works with over 200k devices.  It’s not equitable in feature set to some of...


Sony To Release Waterproof Remotes For The Old


Like the Jitterbug phone for old people, Sony has plans to release a set of remotes that features over sized buttons and are resistant to liquid spills.  They’ve done a nice job to dress up the ‘you’re too senile to use a real remote’, by offering them in a variety...


Logitech Harmony 900 Remote Does RF Without The Sticky


Logitech kicked out a new touchscreen remote today, the Harmony 900.  Based on the Logitech Haromoy One – it’s essentially the same form factor – it adds Radio Frequency technology that enables you to control your home theater components, or just about any piece of kit from almost anywhere in...