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7 Features You Could Expect From The iPhone 6 (list)


It’s been a few months since Apple unveiled their forward-thinking iPhone 5S, as well as the iPhone 5C, and rumors have started pouring in about the upcoming iPhone 6, expected to hit retail later this year. Last year, Apple released two new iPhones, and it seems this year’s going to...

Microsoft Xbox One Unnecessary

Xbox One Launch Date Official, Coming November 22nd


It’s official.  In 78 days and 13 hours, the Xbox One will officially hit stores and arrive at your door step for all your gaming indulgence.  If running the math is a bit too complicated on this Wednesday afternoon, that’s November 22nd, or 7 days after the PS4 hits the...

Microsoft Xbox One Unnecessary

Xbox One Release Date Might Be November 8th


Last week Sony finally came clean and told the world when the Playstation 4 will officially go on sale; November 15th for the US /CA, and November 29th for the rest of the world.  And although Sony has been in a war of the worlds with Microsoft since the two...

Dyson Hard

Dyson Hard Price and Launch Date Announced


Remember the Dyson Hard?  I told you about it last week, and now we’ve got the official deets on the handheld vacuum/mop. The Dyson Hard will go on sale September 3rd and will be price at $329.99.  Dyson has told me that the Dyson Hard is “not a repurposing of...

PS4 Release Date Leak

PS4 Launching November 13th According to a Leaked Poster

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Should this poster from Media Markt, a European retailer be trusted?  If you’re a PS4 proponent than you might be saying yes, even though it’s probably largely wishful thinking. Up until right now – as in this very second – Sony has remained tight lipped (like Microsoft) about the release...

Xbox One: Worst Features

Xbox One Release Date Will Not Be November 27th


Over the weekend it would seem that Amazon posted the ship date for the Xbox One, a previously unknown piece of information.  Unfortunately, it turns out that this date, which is listed as November 27th, is merely a placeholder, at least according to Amazon.   And while I’d usually attribute...