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Must Watch: Red Bull’s Rube Goldberg Machine, Kluge (video)


[GR]M0jmSsQ5ptw[/GR] While Red Bull’s Stratos Jump is a remarkable feat of human engineering, it’s not particularly one that I’ve wanted to watch again and again.  So perhaps it’s not Red Bull money spent effectively.  This Red Bull Rube Goldberg machine, however, is, especially seeing as it probably cost pennies on...

Red Bull Stratos

Red Bull Stratos (video)


[GR]lB1PTOp1aKk[/GR] What?!  Turns out that the Red Bull Stratos mission has yet to transpire.  It was years ago, or so it seemed, that we first heard about the Stratos.  A pilot, named Felix Baumgartner will float to 120,000 feet and return to the Earth’s surface without any mechanical dohickeys, just...