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Red Dead Undead

Red Dead Undead Multiplayer Trailer (video)


Red Dead Redemption has to be one of the most expansive sandbox games we’ve ever seen. So that’s why we’re so excited for “Red Dead Undead”.  The DLC will be available for download on the Xbox (800 points) and Playstation ($9.99) starting tomorrow (October 26th).  Below is a trailer depicting...

Red Dead Coop Mission Pack Fixed, Now Playable


If you downloaded Red Dead’s coop mission pack yesterday than you probably know that it was unplayable.  Good news.  Rockstar says they’ve issued an update that fixed the bug. We’ve implemented a fix for issues with the DLC that caused problems with Red Dead Redemption multiplayer. It’s now live on...

Red Dead Coop Game Play-1

Red Dead Redemption Coop Mission Pack Dated


In this day and age it’s a bit of a shocker when something is free.   On June 22nd Rockstar will roll out the hotly anticipated coop missions for Red Dead Redemption for the Xbox 360 and PS3 at zero, yes zero cost to you. “Outlaw to the End” mission...


PS3 Red Dead Redemption Exclusive Content


Throwing PS3 owners a bone, Red Dead Redemption will include two exclusive pieces of content.  The game will pack the Solomon’s Folly Gang Hideout, and the Walton Gang Outfit.  Sweet Home Redemption. I’m not sure if the Solomon’s Folly Gang Hideout is an actual location on the map or what,...


Best Red Dead Redemption Pre-Order Deal?


I really don’t think there’s another game coming out in the next 6 months that I’m excited about as much as Red Dead Redemption.  Arriving on May 18th, Amazon might have the best pre-order deal on the net.  For $60, you get a tax free and free shipping copy of...