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Pivothead SMART Glasses Live Up To Their Name


It’s not a secret that the future of video recording is perched on your nose. Even if Google Glass never really takes off, the hands-free form factor and high-quality video you can get with video glasses makes it highly appealing to journalists and filmmakers. And Pivothead has decided to build...

Live Gamer Portable main

AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable Review


hat gamer — hardcore or otherwise — hasn’t wanted to capture that moment when he’s played the perfect game or gotten that final Boss? Heck this is why so many gamers will sit back and watch other gamers play, even when it’s a recorded YouTube video, just so as to...


ThinkGeek’s Mini-Mic For Your iPhone


The internal iPhone microphone has never been known to exude quality recordings.  With the help of ThinkGeek’s Mini-Mic you can finally produce some accurate and great sounding recordings regardless of what app your using. Shaped like the end of a boom microphone, the Mini-Mic is a plug-n-play device that uses...

Snowflake USB Mic

Blue SnowFlake USB MicroPhone


Anyone familiar with microphones will instantly recognize the Blue Microphone logo.  The Snowflake USB microphone by Blue is USB 1.0 and 2.0 compatible and will work on your Mac or PC like that. Perfect for a myriad of activities including:  VOIP, podcasting, and recording, this little mic is capable of...