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Your MacBook Air Might Need A New Drive


Apple actually has surprisingly tight manufacturing standards. Compared to other companies, especially in the consumer electronics arena, it has surprisingly few recalls and problems. That said, if you bought a MacBook Air between June 2012 and June 2013, you might need to take it back. The Problem Apple is being...


Garmin Launches Recall Of 1.25 Million GPS Units

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Garmin’s line of GPS receivers are best-sellers, so quite a few people could be affected be news of safety recall they announced today. 1.25 million nuvi units suffer from an overheating issue that could be a potential fire hazard — these include the nuvi 200W, 250W,260W, and 7xx models, and the issue...

iPhone 4

Is The iPhone 4 About To Be Recalled?


Be warned, iPhone 4 users — you may have to return your fancy new smartphone soon. MacRumors is reporting that Apple’s “fix” for the iPhone 4 reception issue might not be good enough for either users or a judge, so a nationwide recall is coming. The rumors are hot on...


Apple Finally Recalls 2008-Era Time Capsules


Based on an updated Knowledge Base article, it looks like Apple has finally acknowledged an error in their 2008 Time Capsules that led the devices to fail almost always after an 18 month period, refusing to shut off or power down unexpectedly. Those devices, sold between February and June 2008...

Tunebase Recall

Belkin Recalls Many Of Their Tunebase Car Chargers


Belkin is recalling a whole mess of their TuneBase car docks for risk that they might cause fire.  Something to do with a faulty washer within the cigarette lighter adapter that could cause it to short out and produce unsettling results; the type your insurance company will be none too...


Sony Recalls 73,000 Vaio TZ Laptops


Don’t get your willy burned off!  Ok, that’s a little extreme, but Sony has recalled 73,000 Vaio TZ laptops due to a malfunction in the computer’s wiring located at the hinge of the device.  So far 15 people have reported an overheating computer, while one person has already suffered burns. ...