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Voice Controlled RC Helicopter

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This voice controlled RC helicopter lets you control it without even lifting a finger. Just strap the headset on, and issue up to five pre-loaded commands like “raise”, “lower” “turn on” and “hover.” It turns left and right, and knows to head forward on its own and when it’s about...


RC Plane Camera Lets You Spy On Your Neighbors


This is definitely a cool way to spend a lazy afternoon. The RC Plane Camera is a spycam that goes up in the sky to record video. The camera records 640 x 480 videos at 25 frames per second, stored on internal 2GB memory with 1.5 hours of video on...


Mini HoverDrone Is A Super Tiny R/C Aircraft (video)


ThinkGeek’s Mini HoverDrone is an awesome flying device, powered by a single propeller, that fits in your hand, and will hopefully convince the neighbors there’s UFOs outside. A Blue LED flashes while it hovers throughout the air through an easily controlled remote. A ten minute charge time gets you five...

RC Star Wars Millenium Falcon

Flying Star Wars Millenium Falcon, Who Doesn’t Want One

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Sure, you could take issue with the fact that it’s mostly a helicopter, but nothing beats adding another Star Wars toy to your creepy manchild Star Wars toy collection…in your Mom’s basement…where you live.  Hasbro’s remote-controlled flying Millennium Falcon will be available this fall for $50 and boast the title...

Soda Powered RC Card

Soda Powered RC Car Looks Sweet (video)


Toys powered by water are nothing new, but cola or juice, that’s something worth doing a double take over. Takara Tomy is set to introduce a Japanese toy RC car powered by an ‘ene Bio Engine’, which uses juice, soda or any sugary drink for fuel.  The RC car’s controls...

RC Controlled Lawnmower

R/C Controlled Lawnmower (video)


No one likes mowing the lawn, but what if I told you could sit back on the porch, sip a cold glass of mom’s home made lemonade all the while trimming the greens?  Yeah, I bet you’d be sold. So it ain’t as simple as cruising down to your local...


SkyShutter Helicam RC Helicopter Is Pretty Sweet

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Over the summer I saw a bunch of cool expensive looking RC jets and helicopters.  This one dude was even flying his RC helicopter upside down and doing all these cool stunts. The “not a toy” SkyShutter Helicam RC Helicopter will allow you to capture some seriously sick aerial footage...

iPhone Controlled Minivan (video)

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[GR]oHDwKT564Kk[/GR] It’s as if we need further proof that the iPhone can do just about anything. Using the same platform used in the 2007 Darpa Urban Challenge (an autonomous vehicle system) the Spirit of Berlin team built an iPhone app that allows a minivan to be controlled right from Apple’s...