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Razor’s Crazy Cart XL Is Drifting Fun For Adults


Drifting had a moment in the mid-2000s, and truthfully, it does look a lot of fun in the movies. But most of us are grown, responsible adults who do not have stunt driving training, and lack the thousands of dollars necessary to learn to drift safely, forget the car to...

Hyperglide razor

Hyperglide Razors Provide “World’s Best Shave”

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King of Shaves wants you to have the “World’s Best Shave” with their new Hyperglide System Razors that features a unique patented superhydrophilic self-lubricating cartridge, which creates its own HydroGel when water hits it to deliver an amazing shave glide that’s comfortable and close. All you have to do is add water...


Best 10 Deals for the Week: September 19th (list)


This week has left us with savings on many different fronts. From TVs to digital cameras and even smartphones and speaker equipment there is something there for everyone. Here’s some of the ones that are still alive and stood out in the pack: 10. Altec Lansing M812 WIreless Speaker Dock...

Razor Hydra

Razor Hydra Controllers PC Motion Sensing Controller (video)


It’s debatable how immersive of an experience Razor’s newest gaming controller, the Hydra, can provide, but that’s exactly what they’re promising to PC users. The controllers, which effectively are two Nintendo Wii Nunchuks, utilize magnetic motion sensing and promise ultra precise tracking down to 1mm and 1 degree movements, which should...


Wahl Lithium Ion Trimmer Review


Why would GadgetReview write up a hair trimmer? There’s no display and no buttons — how could it be any fun? Well, this particular shaver has one particular trait in common with the items on which one would normally bestow the moniker of “Gadget”: a Lithium-Ion battery. But, does this...

Solar Electrics Razor

Solar Electric Razor, Why Not


My skepticism meter tells me that the Solar Electric Razor probably won’t provide the closest of shaves, but hey, if you’re off the grid and in the wilderness than why not.  Placing the device in 8-12 hours of sunlight will guarantee a full charge....


Rolling Razor Seems A Tad Dangerous (video)


Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking slit your throat dangerous, I just forsee the Rolling Razor doing more damage than good. The makers say its design - a loop hole which you place your index finger through - makes for a more accurate shaving experience with less nicks...


Get The Tightest Sideburn Shave With Slim Trim Razor

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I don’t know about you guys, but I only shave one side of my burns.  But, who knows, perhaps the Slim Trim Razor might just provide the ultimate ‘chin strip’. Street cred goes to its designer, John McAdams.  Sounds like he should be brewing beer, not shaving faces. [Thedesignblog]...