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batman radio

Vintage Batman Radio


Here you have the unique opportunity to buy a vintage “Batman Secret Super-Micro Radio” from the Craig Warren Collection, said to be in untested operational status, but lots of bright luster to its surface. Made in 1966, it has the cute corny graphics of the era, a metal case with...

Viewquest WiFi Radio

World’s Smallest WiFi Radio


The ViewQuest is the world’s smallest WiFi radio.  It’s almost palm sized small and includes a 15 hour rechargeable battery.  So provided you can find a WiFi signal you can jam out to 1000s of Internet radio stations of your choosing.  No WiFi, no problem.  There’s also an FM radio...

Radio Ball Concept

Radio Ball Concept (video)


Before we know it standalone radios will be a thing of the past.  Already gone are the days of tactile tuning knobs, which have been replaced by their digital counterparts.  Design group Teague’s Radio Ball concept brings a new interactive element to radio tuning.  Rolling the ball around, kind of...


iHome Goes Dual Dock, Launches The iP88G


iLuv has been all over the dual docking desktop radios for sometime now, but that hasn’t stopped iHome from jumping on board the band wagon.  Today the company announced the iP88G Dual Docking Station for the iPhone and iPod.  It features their patented Reson8 technology as well as 3 alarms,...

EtonFR1000 1

Gadget Review: Eton FR-1000 VoiceLink Radio


Since the collapse of the economy, playing Fallout 3, and listening to Joe Rogan's stand up routine, I have been interested in reviewing what I like to call "Apocalypse Gear." The first time I saw an Eton radio I was on my last day at CES 2009 and I...