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7 Reasons The GTX 780 Ti is Better Than the AMD R9 290 (list)


This one is coming in hot and fast, folks! An age old battle of behemoths has hit a new fever pitch. Nvidia and AMD, the two video card Viziers of our time have once again placed consumers smack-dap in the middle of a highly entertaining pissing match. For a brief...

BF4 Paracel

Battlefield 4: Checkout the Intensity of New Naval Combat (video)


One of the newest features EA DICE has included in the impending Battlefield 4 fps, is dynamic water physics. It allows the engine to simulate dynamic movement of water to form wakes, waves and other riparian terms, which begin with “W”. From the looks of things, no naval squirmish will...

titanfall_gamescom 2013

Titanfall Gameplay Demo Heats Up Gamescom 2013 (video)


Respawn Entertainment, the game development outfit made up of several old Infinity Ward developers, is fervently staking their claim to the highly contested first-person shooter genre with their innovative new title with the slick movement system. if anyone and can unseat the ubiquitous yet uber-popular Call of Duty franchise, it...

Sapphire EDGE VS8_3

Sapphire EDGE VS8 Mini PC Review


In the field of smaller diminutive personal computers, consumer choice is increasingly challenged by market saturation. Our options are many; we have all sorts of Home Theater PCs and ways for system builders to craft their own tiny boxes with micro ATX and the newly offered mini-XT motherboards. The later...

DmC on PC

DmC PC – Devil May Cry Reboot Headed To Windows (Videos)


[GR]bUfp7LvxNwU[/GR] Looky here! Looky here! The decidedly intriguing and arguably awaited new reboot of the¬†Devil May Cry¬†series is coming to PC via Steam. This one is being developed by Ninja Theory and carries the the name “DmC”. There last game with Enslaved and was met with mixed reviews. It had...


Battlefield 3 Aftermath DLC Launch Trailer Reveals “Seismic” Changes Inbound


[GR]PcO5ajxGenc[/GR] The one-year anniversary for EA first-person shooting behemoth – Battlefield 3 is swiftly approaching. Just prior to that inital launch last Oct., developer DICE promised they were committed to delivering a continual stream of new content and DLC that would extend the life of the game for years to...


HP Pavilion HPE Phoenix H9 Gaming PC Review


It’s only been a couple months. But I’m back with another HP computer to temp your inner techie. This time HP sets its sights on the finicky and demanding gamer market with its HP Pavilion HPE Phoenix H9 gaming computer. It’s a nice looking computer with some meaty specs, such...