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Thrustmaster Ferrari Wireless GT Cockpit 430 Scuderia

Thrustmaster Ferrari Wireless GT Cockpit 430 Scuderia Edition Review


[Rating: 3/5] My opinion on all racing wheels is this: if you’re going to play a semi-realistic racing game, why not do it with a wheel? A controller is unnatural for racing, no matter how good you may be twiddling your thumbs. It just doesn’t compare to a wheel. Wheels themselves come...

Thrustmaster T500RS

Thrustmaster T500RS Stuns, Shocks, Wrestles To Death


My first experience driving was when I was seven. It was in a remote parking lot in Northridge, where my father, brother and I would go to play roller hockey on the weekends. We coaxed dad into letting us drive the mini van, a Toyota Previa. My year-and-a-month older brother...


This BRD 06 F1 Simulator Is The Ultimate Racing Game


The BRD 06  is pretty much the ultimate racing simulator ever — it’s a full-size F1 replica made out of  fiberglass and carbon fiber composite monocoque chassis. Three 24″ screens provide the immersive video, and there’s a carbon fiber steering wheel that works with a Pro-ST powerful force-feedback system that...

Mario Kart RC Racing Set

Mario Kart Micro Desktop R/C Racing Set Coming To A Desk Near You


I certainly loved me some Super Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64.  It provided endless hours of entertainment and was one of those games that you could just pick up and play.  From the screen to the desktop comes the Mario Kart Micro Desktop Racers.  Just like the game they...