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desk pets CarBot

desk pets CarBot R/C Review

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“Show me someone who doesn’t like an R/C car, and he’s no relative of mine.” Albert Einstein Okay he never said that — but anyone who doesn’t like radio controlled cars (or planes or helicopters) has no right to say they’ve an “inner child” in them. Especially now that R/Cs...

Hot Wheels Doulbe Loop

Real Life Hot Wheels Double Loop is a Success (video)

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[GR]e0Y8tmRYYiA[/GR] This past Saturday, every adult’s childhood dream of a real life Hot Wheel double loop finally came to fruition.  Okay, we’re exaggerating – we we’re only lucky enough to brandish a single loop experience during our Hot Wheels days. Nevertheless, this double loop measured 66-feet tall and was set...

Doodle Track

Draw A Line And The Doodle Track Race Car Follows (video)


Before you get all hot and bothered about the Doodle Track race cars, don’t.  Sure, they’ll automatically follow along any line you draw using the car’s optical sensor, but unfortunately the speed maxes out at L-A-M-E.  With that said, they’re clearly intended for the under 7 crowd, you know the...