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10 of the Best PS4 Games 2014


Are you looking for new experiences with your PS4? 2014 was an exciting year when it came to new Playstation 4 games. There were indie hits, great additions to established franchises, new and wildly successful experiments, exciting action…and a lot more. Without further ado, here are the best Playstation 4...

PS4 update 2.01

PS4 Update 2.01 Coming Soon


If you were one of the many PS4 players underwhelmed by the PS4 update 2.0, then you’ll be happy to learn that Sony will soon deploy a PS4 update 2.01 which aims to fix some PS4 bugs, including the “rest mode” bug. According to a recent tweet from the official...


11 Brand New Must-See Gameplay Videos of E3 (list)


It’s E3 time again folks. The show is just now whirring up with the traditional press conferences from the major publishing houses and hardware manufacturers like Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. Those are typically filled with announcement that won’t see completed fruition for several months to years. For instance, Ubisoft’s The...


5 PS4 Games That Should Be On Your Radar (list)


The PS4 has games coming. It has lots of games coming, in fact, with over 100 at last count to be released through the end of the year. So, how will you know which to play? Here are five worth checking out. 1. CounterSpy, Spring CounterSpy is a clever mix...