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A Date, Finally: Microsoft Kinect Arrives This November


Finally, marketing materials have laid down a November release date for the Kinect. But still no price! Will it be $100? Probably not. $200? That’s pushing it. $150 seems about right. I’m sure we’ll find out after they unveil the new Xbox 360, though we’re not supposed to know about...


Gadget Rumor: Project Natal Price And Launch Date


If you’re like us then you’re sick of hearing about Microsoft’s Project Natal rumored launch dates and price.  Us, being none the wiser though, have decided to post yet another rumor surrounding the motion sensing video game add-on. According to an Edge trusted source, the Natal – an official name...

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Project Natal Joins Forces With Cirque De Soleil


I just received an email from Microsoft inviting me to a Natal unveiling on June 14th.  This is a day after the official press unveiling, but what is interesting is that this event includes some sort of show in partnership with Cirque De Soleil.  Keep in mind that I was...

Project Natal e3 Invite

Microsoft’s Project Natal Confirmed For E3 2010


Microsoft passed on GDC when it came showing of Project Natal, but the Redmond company just sent invites to select members of the press inviting them to come to E3 where the tech will be on full display.  The “world premiere” of Natal will go down on June 13th and...


Gaming Rumor: Microsoft Project Natal Priced


Rumors are creeping around that the best part about Microsoft’s upcoming Project Natal will be its price point.  Right now we are hearing that it will go on sale for $50.  Sounds oddly cheap to me. Will it be bundled with any Natal-style launch titles? In other related motion controlled...


The Word Is: Project Natal Will NOT Be Backwards Compatible


I am beginning to loathe the words “Not Backwards Compatible.”  No PS3 Slim, no PSPgo, and now we have word that MicroSoft’s Project Natal will also not be backwards compatible. The problem is that a simple patch issued is not enough to make already released games work with the Natal. ...


Extreme Gadget Rumor: An Analyst Proclaims A Slim Xbox 360 For 2010

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I suppose anyone has the right to predict anything they want.  An analyst has “credentials” and “backing” so any claims made are taken with more than a grain of salt I suppose.  Analyst David Cole from DFC “Don’t F**king Care” Intelligence is making statements towards a Xbox 360 Slim in...


Microsoft Officially Confirms No New Xbox 360 For 2010


The rumor going around this week was whether or not Microsoft was going to release a technically enhanced version of the Xbox 360 to launch alongside Project Natal in 2010.  The word is in fact no.  Microsoft says that Natal will run just fine on the current hardware and that...


Gadget Rumor: New Xbox 360 In 2010?


With less red lights presumably?  Rumor has it that Microsoft will launch a newer version of the Xbox 360 to compliment the launch of Project Natal.  Now think Seinfeld voice.  What is the deal with the pronunciation of Natal anyway?  “Nah-Tall” vs “Nay-Tel”?  I think it should be pronounced like...