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Does Windows 10 Really Destroy Your Privacy?


You might have heard that Windows 10 is a “privacy nightmare.” People are angry! People are refusing to upgrade… well, OK, whenever there’s a new version of Windows, people always refuse to upgrade for whatever reason, but this time it’s privacy. But how much of it is internet terror, and...


The Blink Blocks Cameras, If You’re Excessively Paranoid


We are surrounded, every day and pretty much at all times, by cameras. There are cameras on smartphones, tablets, above computer screens, embedded in walls, and on and on and on. Most of us have accepted this as just the way things are, but, if you’re overly worried about hackers,...


Transporter Sync Makes Your Own Private Cloud


Cloud storage is all the rage these days; Dropbox has 175 million users, Microsoft’s SkyDrive has more users than Twitter, and people are storing everything from music to their documents on the cloud. But not everyone wants to store things on another corporation’s servers, which is where the Transporter Sync...


Add-A-Lock: Extra Security In Your Pocket


If you travel a lot, you’ve probably gotten your stuff stolen from a hotel room. Or, if you go home to visit your parents every Christmas, you’ve experienced the sheer pain that is Mom and Dad forgetting you’re not eight and just barging in. But with Add-A-Lock, you can get...


Bus Stop Scale To Weigh Passengers, Good Or Bad?


Technology walks a fine line between liberation and suffocation.  Take this advertisement for example.  When a commuter sits on the bench their weight is prominently displayed for all to see.  Although this might get some folks into the gym, what kind of impact will it have on our eco system? ...