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Prius Concept Bike-1

Toyota Prius Project Concept “PXP” Bike (video)


A bike that shifts gears using your mind…ludicrous, right? Think again. Toyota Prius Projects teamed up with Boston-based Parlee Cycles to do a 10-week build and actually created a concept bike that shifts gears at only the thought. Parlee Cycles’ involvement is part of a series of design and technology...


Toyota Announces A New Prius With Solar Panels


Toyota announced the latest iteration of the Prius hybrid vehicle today.  They’ve increased fuel efficiency from 46MPG to 50MPG thanks to larger and more powerful 1.8-liter Atkinson-cycle, four-cylinder engine that requires no belts to operate (a first in a Toyota power plant).  As previously rumored this new Prius includes solar...


A BMW M3 Is More Green Than A Prius (video)


Before you scream poppycock, hit the video and watch how Top Gear came to this conclusion. What I truly find interesting, and assuming it's true, is the that the Prius isn't all that green when it comes to the batteries they use - they get shipped all over the...