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iPhone Printer

iPhone 4 Printer: Bolle BP-10


AirPrint officially arrived today for all the iOS devices, so it’s some what ironic that the Bolle BP-10 Photo Printer, replete with iPhone 4 dock, should emerge today.  Just dock your iPhone, install the compatible app and you’ll be able to print 4×6″ photos directly from your iPhone.  Like all,...


Easy iPad Printing Is Here Thanks To HP’s Photosmart e-All-in-One D110a


HP’s new wireless printer has got a killer app, one might say, something you don’t say too often with printers. The Photosmart e-All-in-One D110a’s ePrint feature allows users to wirelessly print e-mails and attachments without installing any special drivers, thanks to 802.11n WiFi. That means that, yes, printing from the...

Facade Printer

Facadeprinter Makes Huge Art Installations With Paintballs (video)


Finally, there’s more uses for paintballs than pegging your little brother when he isn’t looking. Three German inventors have designed the Facadeprinter, which they coined a “large-scale communication tool.” Here’s how it works: Users attach their project’s file via USB input and control the operation via touchscreen. A modified paintball...


Canon Intros Retro Portable Printers: Selphy ES3 and ES30


Although both of Canon’s latest printers are almost identical, the ES3 takes the big brother label by sporting 1gig of on board memory for storing photos, additional clip art and photo frames and a larger LCD.  They both feature a 15-in-1 memory card reader, a 3.5-inch LCD for previewing photos...