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PSP Price cut 2011

PSP Price Cuts Arriving This Sunday, February 27th (video)


Come Sunday, February 27th, Sony will slash the price of the PSP (PSP-3000) from $169.99 to $129.99.  Additionally, the Entertainment bundles will receive a comparable price cut from $199.99 to 159.99.  No word if the PSPGo will receive a new price, but it’s unlikely. The reduction in price is probably...

PSPGo Price Cut

Sony PSPGo Price Cut Coming


Looking to buy that someone a PSPGo this holiday?  Good news, because Sony just announced that they’ll cut the price of the handheld gaming system by 20%.  That means it will soon cost $199 (was $249) in the US and 16,800 yen (was 26,800 yen) in Japan.   The price...

DSi LL Colors

Nintendo DSi LL Gets New Colors And Price Cut


It would appear that Nintendo is trying to keep the press mobile rolling as long as possible until E3 later this month.  Today, they announced three new colors for their larger DS handheld video game system, the DSi LL.  Come June 19th they’ll be available in Blue, Yellow and Green. ...

iTunes TV Shows Cut To $1

Rumor: Apple Cutting TV Show Prices To $1


There’s a rumor floating around that Apple might lower the price of TV shows to $1, which is a 50% discount over their current pricing structure for standard def shows.  The news comes on the heels of the recently announced iPad, which could possibly facilitate an influx of TV and...


Official: Xbox 360 Price Cuts Start Tomorrow


Well, folks it’s official.  Microsoft officially announced today that the Xbox 360 Elite will see a price cut of $100 on August 28th, taking it from $399.99 to $299.99.  Of course, this news is no surprise since we saw an almost endless array of leaked flyers from major retailers depicting...


Best Buy Now Selling Playstation 3 For $100 Cheaper


It’s no secret that Sony has had plans to cut the price of the 80GB and 160GB PS3 console.  In fact, we’ve seen a few leaked catalogs indicating and confirming such a price cut.  And now, after confirmation from Sony, Best Buy is currently selling the 80GB for $299.99 and...


Gadget Rumor: PS3 $100 Price Cut Coming This August?

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The Xbox 360 has long been the powerhouse console when it comes to serious gaming.  The PS3 may boast more robust hardware but its game selection, or lack there of, and high retail cost have deterred many.  But according to Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia Sony is planning a PS3...


Sony Announces Playstation 2, Not 3, Price Cut

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Remember that rumored PS3 price cut from yesterday?  Well, it’s partially true.  But it doesn’t apply to the PS3.  Nope, instead you’ll now be able to buy the antiquated PS2 for $99, which is a $30 drop from the previous price.  Does anyone really care?  Perhaps Sony smells ‘opportunity’ in...