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Battlefield 4 Pre-order Bonus Comparison (20% Off for PC!)


Battlefield series players will tell the FPS layman thatĀ Battlefield 4 is the “grown up” version of Call of Duty. And as a more “mature” gamer, it might be harder to justify that pre-order purchase. Fortunately, if you need an excuse to pre-order Battlefield 4, several retailers have decent incentives –...


FIFA 14 Pre-Order Bonus Comparison


Update: Its Tuesday and FIFA 14 is now out! Deals mentioned below that are still valid can be found at GMG and Amazon. EA Sports’s FIFA 14 hits the shelves tomorrow, September 24th for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Despite not having any straight up discounts available, there’s still...

PS4 Xbox One Comparison

Microsoft Xbox One Pricing & Pre-Order Availability


  If you’ve been waiting non-so-patiently for pricing and pre-order intel for Microsoft’s inbound enemy-to-non-gamer girlfriends, then wait no further. It’s E3 this week in the States and the talk in Los Angeles is all about the next generation consoles. The past couple weeks, in the wake of initial announcements,...

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iPhone 4 Pre-Orders At Best Buy Start Tomorrow


Well, an official announcement has put an end to the “rumor” part of Best Buy’s iPhone 4 availability. They’ll be stocking Apple’s latest smartphone come June 24th, with preorders starting tomorrow, day and date with Apple. Oh, and they’ll have a leg up on Wal-Mart, whose selling the device but...