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ThinkGeek’s April Fools Products Do Not Disappoint


It’s a grand tradition on the website ThinkGeek that every April Fool’s day, they debut new “products” that, as you might have guessed, are fake. Although sometimes, they do actually become real. That’s unlikely for this year’s crop of fakes, but that doesn’t make them any less awesome. Star Trekkin’...

Shaving Helmet Fake Explained

Shaving Helmet Is Fake And Here’s Why (video)


As we suspected, but honestly didn’t know for sure, the Shaving Helmet is fake.  The guys behind the prank released another YouTube video depicting just how they duped us.  And as one commenter on the GadgetReview guessed they used twins.  But what about the helmet?  No worries, they’ll show you...


The TV-B-Gone Pro Makes You Enemies Easily


For those that really like pushing people’s buttons, the TV-B-Gone Pro is simple yet effective — it turns off pretty much any TV thanks to IR technology disguised in an iPod looking remote that operates via battery. It works from up to 110 feet away, too, so you could even...