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Power Bed Riser Mixes Power Strips And Space Saving

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If you’re living in a small, cramped space, possibly with another human being, you know that anything that combines functions is generally something you’ll find handy. As a result, you wind up owning some odd, yet brilliant, things, and the Power Bed Riser serves as one of those. As you...


This USB-Controlled Power Strip Saves You Energy & Money


This USB -controlled power strip is a pretty smart idea. Now, this thing isn’t powered by USB — rather, it connects with your computer so that you send commands to shut down or power up certain sockets (say, turning on a printer only when you need to print something). The...

Sanwa Power strip

Sanwa’s Power Strip Displays Your Energy Usage


I prefer the power strips that automatically conserve your energy usage, but I’d just as soon take the Sanwa 700-TP1052DW power strip, which in addition to having 5 outlets, can display your energy usage in wattage on the built-in display.  Course, this only applies to the 3 outlets that have...