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USB Posture Alert Device To Slap The Slouch Out Of You

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Christ burgers, what the hell is this thing? For all you wellness junkies out there comes the USB Posture Alert Module thingy to keep scoliosis off your back.  Looking like a disassembled buddy of Wall-E’s,the USB Posture Alert Reminder uses ultrasonic sensors to detect how close you are sitting to...


Posture Perfect With The iPosture (video)

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If all else fails - corrective shoes, in soles, etc - the iPosture has your back, zing! The handy little device is said to give you better posture in just two week, that is assuming you use it for the recommended four hours a day....


Visomate Keeps Your Posture Legit


Safe to say the majority of 9 to 5ers have horrible posture while attending their cubes of despair.  The Visomate keeps a virtual eye on you by insuring that you maintain an appropriate head level in accordance with chiropractic standards.  Duck too low and the sensor’s alarm goes off notifying...