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The JBL Voyager Combines A Portable Speaker With A Subwoofer System


Portable speakers are pretty much everywhere these days; with the proliferation of Bluetooth and the rise of services like Spotify, portable speakers are becoming a must-have accessory for music fans. But buying a standalone system for the home and a portable speaker for work can be expensive… which is why...

Bluetooth Speakers Gift Guide 2012

Holiday Gift Guide 2012: Portable Bluetooth Speakers (list)


Rewind the clock 3-4 years and there were only a select number of portable Bluetooth speakers available for your holiday traveling needs.  Nowadays you can spit and hit a portable Bluetooth speaker.  So the question is, and now more than ever, which one should you buy?  Or in this case,...

Philips Shoqbox

Philips ShoqBox SB7200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review


The Bluetooth speaker market has unofficially become commoditized.  It’s the not the first time I’ve griped about the number of portable Bluetooth speakers on the market and it most certainly won’t be the last.  That said, sifting through the bin, so to speak, of wireless speakers can now be a...

Edifier- Prisma Bluetooth product shot

Edifier: Prisma E3350BT 2.1 Bluetooth Audio System Review


I spend a lot of time working at my desk — designed so that I have to stand, not sit, during the course of the day. While I’m not one of those that plays music all day — I do listen to audio coming off a web browsers, along with...

Philips SB7200 ShoqBox

Philips SB7200 ShoqBox Portable Bluetooth Speaker is Built for Camping

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Jawbone pretty much set the benchmark when it comes to portable, bluetooth speakers.  We’ve said that many a time.  However, their Jambox, which still kicks ass to this day, along with its larger version, isn’t the rugged beast some folks require, especially those camping or traversing the hilly terrain of...




The first time I heard the word “DAC” I thought it was a misspelling of a company that used to send me catalogs of unusual electronic equipment made in dubious places for ridiculously low prices. Of course I eventually learned what a “digital audio converter” was and that it’s now...

Braven Speaker

Braven Bluetooth Speakers

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A2DP, as in Bluetooth audio, can be a serious battery drain on your smartphone.  Braven is totes aware of this caveat and as a result has launched three new speakers all designed to charge your smartphone on the go and provide wireless audio playback. The variation between models isn’t a...

russound airgo

Russound AGO1 AirGo Powered Outdoor Speaker


We loved, loved the Play:3, which actually might be an understatment.  Unfortunately, they have yet to design an outdoor version, though you can rest assured that we’ve sent them a few emails demanding with this request as well as spoken directly to their PR team regarding this matter.  So until Sonos gets...

Jawbone Jambox-3

Jawbone Jambox Review (video)


[rating: 4.5/5] Pros: Amazing sound for the size 10+ hour rechargeable battery Bluetooth and audio input connectivity Built-in mic for phone calls Cons: Expensive; $199.99 It’s rather surprising that in a world inundated with mobile devices the portable speaker market hasn’t exploded. But perhaps it’s just as well since you...

Razer Ferox

Razer Ferox Announced, Bring Your Gaming Speakers On The Road (update)


Update: Checkout our Razer Ferox review. When Razer released the Mako speakers nearly two years ago, most were skeptical about the gaming peripheral maker’s entry into high quality audio. I got the chance to review it way back when, and they are still the best 2.1 speaker system I’ve ever...


Franklin Gets Fun With Roadie Portable Speaker System


Franlin Electronic Publishers is known for educational gadgets and dictionaries, but they’re looking to mix it up and make some fun things happen. The Roadie portable speaker is just that, a fun system for portable music sources that looks like something straight out of a computer game. It’s modular (as...