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Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Review (PC)


[Rating: 5/5] There’s something about unrealistic racing games. Not the ones that are so far removed from reality, but the ones that weigh right on the line of fantasy and reality. They charm us, lull us into a comfortable unease, give us that pleasant itch that demands scratching. Therein lies...

Porsche BobSleigh

Porsche Designed Bobsleigh


What does an over priced piece of winter kit look like?  Just like this, the Porsche Bobsleigh. It’s £170.00 ($264 US), which is a god awful amount, but anything sporting the Porsche name is generally excessively priced.  We’re not saying it won’t split your femur in two, it just might...

Porsche Panamera USB Stick

Porsche Panamera Shaped USB Flash Drive


Aesthetically Porsche’s newest vehicle, the Panamera, is a nightmare and if any thing just reaffirms Jeremy Clarkson’s opinion of brand’s design team – it’s not a positive one.  But for those of you that purchased the 4 door sedan you might receive a little thank you gift that is far...


Palm PRE Porsche Gets Released


I live in LA and I can tell you there is no low that the typical Porsche driving douche bag can reach.  That is until now, and here is my case in point.  Sure, this could be any where in California, but do the math. Read...


Electric Porsche From RUF Revealed


Remember that rumored electric Porsche from RUF I wrote about a few weeks ago?  Well, it’s here and RUF has released some detail goodiness.  Unfortunately, there’s no mention of price since it’s still very much a concept vehicle.  But you’ll be glad to know the RUF electric Porsche, which is...


Ruf Set To Introduce Electric Porsche


Ruf, widely known for their Porsche aftermarket parts, will show off an all electric vehicle next month based off the 911.  At the heart of the vehicle will be an electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery able to produce 500lb/ft torque and a 125mph top speed.  Expected range is...