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Porsche Design P’9881 Blackberry Smartphone


Blackberry has teamed up with Porsche’s design unit to develop the P’9981, a $2,000 smartphone that is all looks and no more powerful than the Bold 9900.  Cost aside, this is exactly the kind of devices RIM should be releasing if they want to offset their diminishing popularity, a result of being deemed a...

Porsche P'6520 Compass Watch

Porsche Design P’6520 Compass Watch


Pops always said never do anything for just one reason.  He must have been rapping his game over at the Porsche Design shop, because their P’6520 Compass Watch embodies that exact philosophy. On the outside, like a standard watch, it displays three arms, conveying the hour, minute and seconds. However,...


Sagem’s Porsche Design P’9552 Passes FCC Approval


Sagem’s Porsche Design P’9522 just passed through the FCC.  I usually don’t report on FCC approvals, but since there hasn’t been much news about this cell phone I figured why not.  The all black aluminum phone is quad band (850/900/1800/1900Mhz), includes WiFi, a 2.8-inch OLED screen, 5MP camera, microSD card...