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This Swimming Pool Bridge Is Not For The Squeamish (Video)


The world economy is slowly struggling back to something resembling order. People are getting to their feet again. Insane luxury spending is out. Unless, apparently, you can do something really weird with it. Marco! PoloooooaaaaaHHHHH! At least that’s what we’re assuming is involved in this plan to build two skyscrapers...


iSwimband Provides Pool Safety


Having a pool is great, but if you have kids it can kind of be a headache. You’re always worrying about the possibility of drowning and your mind is never at ease when your kids are in the pool. The iSwimband will help ease your mind since it’s a portable...

Hearst Castle Pool

20 Awesome Personal Swimming Pools That You Can’t Swim In


We have dug deeper than any others before us to find the most incredible, luxurious swimming pools from around the world. From a swimming pool with a 1,000-year-old history to personal pools with secret passageways, we bring you the top 20 swimming pools you can’t swim in… unless you buy...

Spillarium Fish Tank

Spillarium Fish Tank, A Wanna Be Infinity Pool For Fish


An infinity pool is probably out of most people’s budgets, heck even available acreage.  Enter the Spillarium.  While it’s a long shot from a pool for your own dipping pleasure, your fishies should most certainly enjoy it and at the very least you can live vicariously through them.  A small...


AquaClimb: Bringing The Elements Together


Having done some bouldering in my day, I must say that I am very intrigued by the AquaClimb.   It just looks really fun and definitely takes some of the danger out of the sport.  You’d be more inclined to try a risky move knowing that what lies below you is...