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Fusiontables by Aramith Offer Multifunctional Fun


Multifunctional furniture provides space saving solutions, but the fusiontable by Aramith offers that and fun since it functions as a pool table that doubles as a dining room table/conference desk. The fusiontable would make a great addition to your gaming room, kitchen or even office given its double identity as...

AVIVA Aqua Bar

Aqua Bar

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Most people dread those brutally hot summer days.  However, if you’re one of the lucky few that owns, or at least has access to a pool then you’re more than pleased than punch itself.  But those dips in the pool can now be much more social, and intoxicated, which we...


This PR2 Robot Knows How To Shoot Some Pool (video)


A creation of the Willow Garage team, this PR2 robot can do a variety of tasks, including folding clothes. But the team put it to an even cooler use — playing billiards. Using a special grip and bridge attachment, the PR2 managed to sink five balls. They put this together...


Obscura Cuelight: $200k With Pool Table Sold Separately (video)

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No shrooms necessary for this here video kiddies.  This madly expensive billiards projection/tracking system ($200k) is a pretty innovative way to make pool awesome no matter how bad you suck at it. As you play the game, you can uncover a hidden picture as the balls pass over the felt. ...


Solar-Power Shower Will Keep Me And This Chick Warm


We’re all trying to be a bit more green these days, I know I am.  The Solar-Power Shower is a relatively affordable device that is the perfect accompaniment to any pool or beach house owner.  Instead of delivering blistering cold showers after a dip in the water, its solar base...