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Woodbourne Bluetooth Loudspeaker

The Woodbourne Bluetooth Loudspeaker Adds Style To Your Music


Style and high performance audio is what you get with the new Woodbourne Wireless Bluetooth Loudspeaker system by Polk. The 2-way sound system allows you to stream music and TV audio without pesky and bothersome wires. It features a ull-powered 4-channel onboard amplifier for effortless clarity and volume, as well as proprietary...


Polk Audio Garden Speakers Are Perfect For Your Summer BBQs


Here’s a great marriage of design and enviroment — the Polk Garden speakers are built for, you guessed it, outside listening and enjoyment. With special “long throw” technology to get that sound across the entire back deck, these speakers are both stylish and high audio quality, with special design built...


Polk Audio I-Sonic HD Radio And iPod Speaker System Review

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I’m surprised how many people still don’t know what HD Radio is.  The best way I can describe it is that every major radio station that you know has an HD version and is simultaneously broadcast with its analog version.  Simple right?  Admittedly I had gone years without ever hearing...