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g1x markII 2

Canon G1X Mark II Is Canon’s Next Point-And-Shoot


Canon has never been shy about making a point-and-shoot camera that is full of options and arguably better than some DSLRs. But with the G1X Mark II, it might have just gone a little bit overboard. Where’s The Beef? In Here. First of all, let’s talk sensors. The 1.5 inch...

olympus camera

The Olympus SP-500 Is A Sniper Camera


DSLRs are becoming more and more commonplace, and cheaper all the time. But how many of them have a laser sight? That’s pretty much Olympus’ pitch for its new superzoom camera. Point And Zoom The SP-500 is, in a lot of ways, your typical point and shoot, although it does...

Canon Powershot N

Canon Powershot N: Size Matters, Buttons Don’t


Who needs buttons, right? Who cares about apertures, lighting, AF-ing and such? You just want to capture those irreplaceable moments in time. Remember that one cute moment where young “Johnny” edited your business proposal with Nutella? Or how about the priceless look on your face when “Uncle Bob” gave you...


AT&T First to Carry Samsung Galaxy Camera

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AT&T will carry the Samsung Galaxy Camera that combines photography with Android 4.1 and AT&T 4G mobile internet connectivity. So you not only have a powerful point-and-shoot camera, but you can also access all of your favorite Android applications from the Google Play market. It features a 4.8-inch HD Super...


How to Choose the Best Digital Camera (how to)


Whether you desire to be a pro, want to explore photography as a new hobby or just want to capture those “Kodak Moments,” sooner or later, you’re going to be faced with the need to buy a camera. But with so many options out there, the process of choosing the...