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spree Fitness Monitor main

spree Fitness Monitor Review


he proliferation of exercise accessories to use with smartphones seems to have doubled in the last year — thanks to the appearance of sensors/monitors that can track what a person does when exercising or exerting themselves in a sport. The one thing that all these sensors rely on is contact...

Nap Pod

Boost Your Productivity With The Nap Pod


Feeling kind of sluggish lately? Or maybe you’ve seen a decrease in your productivity? Well whatever it is, snap out of it with the productivity boosting Nap Pod! The rejuvenation space is supposed to help you wake up and get back to work after taking a 20-minute nap. Apparently, there...


Jive Pod Ain’t For No Turkey


The Jive Pod takes a little of the old (e.g Simon Says) and a little of the new (MP3 player) to create a fun and entertaining game for kids of all ages.  Just plug the Jive Pod into your MP3 player and watch it light up to the beat of...