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Black Mintpad With DMB Appears In Korea


We only recently got word that the Mintpad might possibly be making its way to US shores.  Now the device has been spotted in an all black finish with DMB, a feature that enables the device to receive radio and TV in foreign locals, such as Korea.  Unfortunately, there is...


Gadget Leak: Zune HD, The Next Gen Of Zunage

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You’ve just laid your eyes on what is possibly the new Zune HD. Chicka what?!? Actually, you’re seeing artwork and not the actual device, but you get the point. Any who, the click wheel as been done away with and probably replaced with a ‘home’ button and touchscreen input. Reports...


Gadget Leak: Archos 2 Shows Up On Amazon


Funny, because as soon as you remove a page from your website after a rumor is associated with it, it only does one thing: verify the rumor.  And that’s exactly what Amazon has done with the Archos 2, a budget centric MP3 player that is neither a beauty or a...


iRiver P7: Another PMP With A Touchscreen


I'm not sure how we missed the iRiver P7 at CES, but I'm blaming it on the iRiver employee/actor. The P7 PMP has a 4.3-inch touchscreen with a 480 x 272 resolution. The unit will be available in a variety of capacities (4/8/16/32GB), which can be expanded courtesy...