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Alienware Alpha

Alienware Alpha Gaming PC hits lowest ever price of $399


If you’ve been tracking the progress of the Alienware Alpha since it’s release, you’ll know it’s seen several significant price drops in the last few months. Today the Alienware Alpha Core i3 hits a new low of $400 after coupon 1KHQR?2D3XRKWZ. While the specs alone may not seem that impressive...


SteamBoy Aims To Make Steam Games Portable (video)


Remember how Nintendo’s GameBoy brought you portable gaming? (If you’re a 90s kid then you obviously do.) Well the SteamBoy wants to do the same with PC games. If you’re not familiar with Steam Machines, here’s a rundown: they’re basically specialized gaming PCs that run on Valve’s SteamOS, which brings...


A New, Slimmer PlayStation Vita Is On The Way


The PlayStation Vita has been having a tough time of it on the market. But Sony’s been working to revive it, and this latest go-round might just do the trick. Light, Thinner, Faster, Roomier Essentially, this is what you expect from a console update; It’s twenty percent thinner and fifteen...

Best Video Game Gift Guide

2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Best Videogames


Videogames are hard to buy for friends, family, co-workers…just about anyone. There are two reasons for this: first, it’s hard to know what people have or don’t have, and everyone’s tastes vary. And every year there are so many games, that it’s hard to keep track of the best ones....


iPhone 4S vs. Playstation Vita (comparison)


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that comparisons between the iPhone and Playstation Vita were abound, even though they are very different devices. The iPhone, obviously a phone, and the Vita, obviously not a phone, still carry a lot of the same characteristics. And for better or worse, even game...

Playstation Vita

Sony Playstation Vita Price Announced (video)

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In more gaming news, Sony officially named the NPG, the replacement to the PSP, the Sony Playstation Vita.  Does anyone else think of the word ‘vitamin’ when they hear this? In terms of specs you can pretty much expect what we already told you about in January, when Sony unveiled...