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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: PlayStation 3


Console Bundles 250GB Family Entertainment Bundle (Amazon Exclusive) While searching for proper bundles, two major thoughts occurred to us. First, the PS3 is in many ways the preferred game console for media center use whether you use physical media (Blu-ray/DVD) or not for one reason: it’s free to access all...


PS3 Firmware 3.40 Brings PSN Plus & Other Improvements


Playstation Plus, Sony’s premium subscription service for their PlayStation Network, is finally here thanks to the 3.40 firmware update that hits consoles today. Hit up that link for our full details on the service, but in short, it looks like there could be much worse ways to spend $50 in...


PlayStation Plus Fully Detailed


The fine folks over at the Official PlayStation Blog have answered some questions about the Premium PlayStation Plus Service that launches next week. For $18 for three months or $50 a year, gamers will receive a bunch of stuff, including Wipeout HD as a sign-up bonus, a subscription to the monthly...

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