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Asscreed iV Black Flag_f

Edward is Pissed in New Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Trailer


Ahoy, ye sea varmints! The raids are over and plunder has been tallied. Amongs the booty, we unearthed a cache of moving pictures. It should quell the queasy bellies of you lily-livered land-lovers. So batten down the hatches and huddle below after you’ve hoisted the Cap’n sigil. So no vessel...

Borderlands 2 psycho bandit dlc_p

Borderlands 2 Psycho Bandit Pack DLC Available Today (video)


Ha! We almost missed this one. I’ve been busy diving into Metro Last Last, the gorgeous looking sequel to THQ’s highly impressive yet incredible bleak and atmospheric first-person shooter – Metro 2033. This is easily largest of the this week’s video game launches. Yet it’s far from the only must-see...


Grand Theft Auto V Introduces Michael, Franklin and Trevor (video)


Oh boy! I’m so, there. Rockstar’s next outing with Grand Theft Auto 5 is looking suh-weeet! To be honest the game looks to marry several previous installments into a single open world experience. You see tropes from the previous game running on an enhanced version of the engine used to...

Watch Dogs pre-orders

Watch Dogs Ubisoft Unleashes Pre-Order Details and Release Date


It’s official. Ubisoft has just revealed that Watch Dogs will be available this year. It’s set to launch on November 22 of this Fall season. Players on PC, Playstation 3, Wii U and Xbox 360 will get their chance to exact some heated vengeance using seemingly godlike command over an...

EVE Online TV Show

EVE Online and PS3 Dust 514 on the Small Screen (video)


CCP Is taking advantage on the biggest and most sought after features in gaming- emergent gamplay. It was announced this weekend the company would launch not only a comic series with major comic book publisher Dark Horse comics, but also a companion television show is in the works. More impressively,...


Logitech Harmony Remote Control + Mobile App Available for Pre-Order

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Logitech wants you to toss that media set top remote control. Well sort of… Introducing the new Logitech Harmony Smart Control. This is a mutlifaceted package which includes a “Simple Remote”, Harmony hub and companion iOS/Android app. Working together, the package boasts complete unfettered control over your TV, media and...

Xbox 720 concept

Microsoft Pushes Back Next Xbox Announcement to May 21st


Sony has drawn the proverbial line in the sand having announced their next Playstaion 4, which should hit homes as early as this year. Not to be out done by Hirai Kazuo and Cam-Sony, Microsoft was set to make a similar announcement later this month on April 24th. Things have...