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PlayStation Vue

Introducing PlayStation Vue: TV for Your PS4 or PS3 Without a Cable Sub


If you’re into the idea of being a cordcutter like I am, then the newly announced PlayStation Vue app for the PS4 and PS3 is likely going to be for you. The Vue is a new cloud-based TV service that “reinvents” the television experience. The service uses the cloud to combine...

far cry 4-featured

Weekly Gaming News: Far Cry 4 Announced, The Witcher 3 & The Division Delayed, Star Citizen Playable, Titanfall Companion App and More (list)


Here we are, on our 4th consecutive Weekly Gaming Report. Time just keeps on ticking and so does the madcap world of video games. We had another exciting week in the industy. Arguably the two biggest titles of the year will be playable in some form, later this very month....


5 Things To Know About Project Morpheus, Sony’s PlayStation VR Headset (List)

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Sony made a huge splash with the announcement that it was working on Project Morpheus, a full virtual reality headset for the PS4. Take that, Kinect! That said, it’s far from a done deal. Here are the five things you need to know about Project Morpheus, and whether you should...


7 Examples of How the Playstation 4 Dominates the XBox One


Greetings gamers! As of November 15, 2013, the next generation of consoles transitioned to current gen and things couldn’t be more exciting. For the first time since (Xbox360/PS3 release year) that the rivalry between XBox and Playstation fans has actually mattered. As the last generation systems aged, and the available...


SteelSeries Siberia Elite Gaming Headset Review


Some things on this often-impractical mudball rarely make sense. The oxymoron that is reality TV is among these. Hats for dogs come to mind. Oh and the complete dearth of acclaim the gaming peripheral company SteelSeries receives here in the U.S. We’ve looked at a few SteelSeries jewels in the...

Xbox One: Worst Features

9 Reasons the Xbox One Is Better Than The PS4 (list)


Both Next Gen consoles are on their way to market and with what we know of their specs, there isn’t much outside of brand name and chassis design to differentiate the two. Historically, there has usually been a clear winner in the console market when it came down to hardware...

BF4 beta screen2

Battlefield 4 BETA: Hands on Impressions (list)


Battlefield 4 Beta testing has begun! Tuesday at 1am EA and DICE released the beta for BF4 available to download for anyone who pre-ordered Battlefield 4 PC Deluxe Edition, owns Battlefield 3 Premium of Medal of Honor: Warfighter Limited Edition or Digital. I decided to give it a look-see–being a...

Sony PS4

Sony PS4 Launch Date Announced, Coming November 15th in the US, November 29th in EU


I have no clue how I missed this, but alas I did.  Sony will officially launch the PS4, otherwise known as the Playstation 4, on November 15th in the US.  Europe and Latin America will follow two weeks later, or to be more specific on November 29th. According to Sony,...


Assassin’s Creed IV Stealth Gameplay Trailer (video)


Stamina is not my friend. I was built for speed, not staying power. I ran track in high school but even then I excelled more at the short burst speed events–100m dash and the like. Distance running? Forget it! Distance swimming…?! Oh lordy! Only with the grace and preternatural marine...

PS4 Xbox One Comparison

PS4 vs. Xbox One: All The Specs & Features (comparison)


With this year’s E3 conference less than a week away, it’s time to evaluate the industry’s newest console frontrunners. While Microsoft hasn’t exactly garnered great press since the Xbox One’s May 21st debut, the company has at least managed to keep us talking. Sony, on the other hand, has been...


Is this the Actual PS4 Console We’ve All Been Looking For?


Sony UK posted this picture yesterday.  Is it the actual PS4? If you recall, Sony announced the all new Playstation a few weeks ago, showed off some games and the controller, but the actual console was nowhere to be seen.  So it seems likely that this is in fact the...