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Dominos DVD Pizza

This DVD Smells Like Pizza When Played (video)


A billboard that can converts thin air into water certainly stands at the top of most awesome and altruistic advertisements that I’ve ever laid eyes on.  And although all marketing efforts can’t be for the better of society, there are still a few that stand out simply based on their...


Kettle Pizza (video)


Believe it or not, but cooking pizza on a charcoal grill ain’t no easy feat.  More often than not – you know this if you’ve tried – the dough will turn to an inedible, black charcoal like consistancy before the rest of the pizza fully bakes. The solution?  The Kettle...


Order A Papa John’s Pizza Direct From Your PS3


Taking a cue from Tivo, you can order a pizza from Papa John’s without having to open your PS3’s web browser.  A promotional button was put in place until September 27th so you can be lazier than you ever thought possible. You can even win a cinnapie dammit!  This reminds...


Pizza Vending Machine To Make Mama Celeste Moan Abbodanza


This thing is huge! Are there little Keebler Mario's in there making pizza pies? Claudio Torghele is the inventor of this marvelous machine called "Let's Pizza" and has plans to spread this giant machine all over Europe and the United States. Right now this pictured one is...