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Pioneer HDJ-1000 Limited Edition Headphones

Pioneer Limited Edition HDJ-1000 Headphones


Catch my eye, please my…ears.  Okay, I concede, we can’t always have it all.  If you didn’t get that I was suggesting something else get pleased. These are Pioneer’s Limited Edition HDJ-1000 headphones.  The headphones were actually first produced in ’08, but Pioneer says’ they’ve now been updated for greater...


Pioneer’s DVR-XD09 DVD Burner Is CD Jewel Case Small


With the emergence of Netbooks and super slim laptops, built-in optical drives are no longer part of the computer’s standard hardware.  So it’s no surprise that we keep seeing more and more of these tiny external optical drives. Pioneer’s latest, the DVR-XD09, has a footprint that is so freakin’ small...