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Virtual Pong Uses A Ball Of Light For Play


It’s ping pong for the future! Don’t have room in your home for a ping pong table, no problem when you have Virtual Pong around to keep you and your family entertained for hours at a time. Make Any Table A Ping Pong Table Save extra space and money by...


STIGA’s Showcourt Is The Fanciest Ping-Pong Table


Most of us don’t think, seriously, about ping-pong. First of all, if we did, we’d call it table tennis, but we’re going to call it ping-pong because internet outrage over trivial differences is hilarious. Secondly, if we did, we’d also be considering buying the Showcourt, from STIGA, and decidedly the...


Table Tennis Trainer Makes You Semi-Pro


If you have the spare time and you want to catapult your table tennis game miles ahead of anything your friends have seen, this ping pong robot going by the name of Table Tennis Trainer will shoot countless balls your way right in the comfort of your own home. Choose...

puma ping pong table

Puma Ping Pong Table


Yes, it’s a ping pong table, but it’s not just any ping pong table.  Designed by aruliden for PUMA, it has a shelf for storing balls, paddles and other trinkets as well as a chalk board finish letting you draw or write whatever comes to mind.  And that net looks...


TOPIO: The Super-Buff Ping Pong Robot


Well, that’s it, folks.  Happy Thanksgiving.  We’re all doomed. The machines have risen. And they want…to beat us stupid in ping pong. In case you’re wondering, this isn’t from Japan.  This was developed by a Vietnamese robotics firm, but it’s an image of the future that is so utterly bizarre...


Ping Pong Table Hidden In A Door (video)

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The Ping Pong Door has yet to go on sale but I can guarantee a pre-order from just about every college fraternity.  I don’t think too much explanation is needed but as you can see the ping pong table swivels out on an x-axis.  It’s not practical for an actual...